Letters to my Love

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The other day, I officiated a chilly elopement in Brooklyn Bridge Park.  In my attempt to warm up, I stopped at one of my favorite local stores Modern Chemist at 62 Water Street in Brooklyn.

This is a charming “drug store” with all kinds of nifty gifts.  I stumbled upon an installment in the Chronicle Book Series “Letters to my…”  I’ve written about the series elsewhere and mention that the series includes books for letters to grandkids, friends, sisters, and more.  

The Valentine Day-inspired book is “Letters to My Love.”   This would make a wonderful present not only for Valentine’s Day, but for a wedding or birthday, as well.  Entries include the following:  When we first met…; I knew you were the one for me when…; What I love about us…; I promise to you…; It’s the little things like…;  You are remarkable because…;  I wish for our future… and more.  The books in the series run about $15.  This idea could inspire some awesome DIY projects, be they handmade journals, including love letters for the future, or millennial-friendly digital volumes.