Shakespeare Garden

Sarah Ritchie Elopement, wedding venue

Any season is a good one for an elopement in Central Park, among the world’s most beloved gardens.  Among the hidden gems of the grounds is the Shakespeare Garden in the mid/west portion of the Park.
Shakespeare Garden, a quaint nook, is situated off of Central Park West at about 79th Street. Even for the directionally challenged like myself, the path to the Garden is easy to find.  The spot is just the Swedish Playhouse. This little slice of Heaven was created nearly a century ago, to mark the 300th anniversary of the death of Shakespeare. Among the charming elements of the garden is the fact that all of the flowers and herbs in the area are mentioned in some work of The Bard. No matter the season, the garden is a superb spot for a small wedding. This area is multi-tiered, facilitating stunning photographs. With a sweet staircase, it provides for a beautiful processional opportunity for the bridal party.

The apex of the garden is a small area perfectly set aside from others in Central Park. Over the many times that I have been to this part of the Park, I am always surprised at how peaceful it is in the Shakespeare Garden–with relatively few visitors and distractions, a great benefit to any wedding party. On a hill directly above the Garden is the Belvedere Castle, another excellent photo location.

The above photograph is of the lovely Aoife & Sean, who married in the Shakespeare Garden in 2010.  Photo by Margaret Flores, MACC Studio.