Special Touches at your Virtual Wedding

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Now five (5!!) months into the pandemic, I am increasingly impressed with how couples are customizing the virtual wedding experience.

Just yesterday, I did a wonderful ceremony for a Chinese couple, now studying in graduate school here in New York State.  Clearly it was not possible for the couple to have their Chinese family members attend the ceremony.  But zoom connections are free! Several facets of the ceremony made it especially fun and unique.  First, the couple had adorable decorations that framed their experience, caught on zoom by dozens of loved ones.  Second, we had a “co-officiated” ceremony, with yours truly going back and forth with a Chinese speaking guests who read the ceremony script in tandem with me.   Third, following the ceremony, the couple had a live performance of a friend who is a skilled violinist.  Finally the couple ended the wedding with thanks (in English and Mandarin) offered to guests.  Parents also offered bi-lingual thoughts and good wishes.