A World of Ways to Say, “I Do”

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In working with couples on their wedding ceremonies, obviously one of the first—and most important—parts of the wedding are the vows.  Although this is the heart of the ceremony, many couples remain confused or uncertain about how they wish to proceed with their vows.  Questions swirl in their head:  “Should we write our own vows?”  “Should we do the tried …

Cherokee Inspired Vows

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Even when couples are interested in writing their own vows, I like to provide a variety of samples for their review–it helps to get the creative juices flowing.  Native American readings have become increasingly popular in weddings, and I recently came across this wedding vow, inspired by the Cherokee Nation.  God in heaven above, Please protect the ones we love. …

Wedding 101: A Summary of the Order of Ceremony

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Most of my clients have been to a good number of weddings, both religious and secular, by the time that they marry.  However, they generally can’t remember much about the ceremonies in aggregate.  Sometimes a bride and groom can point to ceremony components they found off-putting, but there isn’t much recollection beyond that.   Likewise, while there is a vague sense …

“A” is for “Adore”

Sarah Ritchie Readings & Vows

Many brides and grooms have a bit of stage-fright when thinking about writing their own vows. I recently came across a nifty book called Wedding Words Vows, by Jennifer Ceglielski. The little volume contains a lot of good information and ideas, including the following list of words to inspire vow writing: Adore, Adventure, Affection, Always, Appreciate, Aspirations, Beginning, Beloved, Bond, …

Ring Vows: Surrounded by Love

Sarah Ritchie Readings & Vows

In traditional wedding ceremonies, there are three “sets” of vows.  The first is the “Declaration of Intent.”  This is a short vow (about four lines long) at the beginning of the ceremony.  Essentially, it is the officiant asking the bride and groom to state specifically that they wish to be married.  The second set of vows are the ones with …

Vows by Robert Fulghum

Sarah Ritchie Readings & Vows

The popular author and minister Robert Fulghum provides the following vows in his book From Beginning to End: The Rituals of our Lives. Fulghum is also the author of the favorite book All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. The vows are repeated by both the bride and groom, with the respective names inserted: I (name), take …

With This Ring….

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It is the proposal — typically accompanied by the giving of a ring — that begins the engagement, a time of preparation not only for the wedding but the marriage. While I dare say that the typical American bride spends a good bit of time and energy thinking about her engagement ring, the ring vows and exchange during the wedding …

I will be Yours in Plenty and in Want

Sarah Ritchie Readings & Vows

I, ______________, choose you, ____________, to be my wife/husband, my friend, my love, the mother/father of our children. I will be yours in plenty and in want, in sickness and in health, in failure and in triumph. I will cherish you and respect you, comfort you and encourage you, and together we shall live, freed and bound by our love.”

I offer myself to you

Sarah Ritchie Readings & Vows

I , ______________, offer myself to you ___________, To be your wife/husband, Your friend, your lover and your lifelong companion; To share my life with yours; To build our dreams together, To support you through times of trouble, And rejoice with you in times of happiness; To treat you with respect, love and loyalty, Through all the trials and triumphs …