Virtual Weddings are Here!

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After an unexpected Executive Order by Governor Andrew Cuomo, Virtual Wedding Ceremonies are now offering a socially distance-friendly option to couples who wish to marry.  With Simply Eloped, I officiated my first virtual ceremony yesterday, April 24, with another scheduled today.

Both of these couples had marriage licenses already issued by their local marriage bureau.   (A marriage license issued anywhere in New York State may be used in any jurisdiction in the state.)  So, with me situated in my Manhattan home office and the couples at home, we had an unusual—but quite intimate ceremony.  Yesterday’s couple had relatives and friends joining us, via Zoom, from New York City and South America.  The bride and groom, after verifying their ID with their passports and confirming that they were located in New York) offered heart felt vows in their native Spanish language.  Guests offered their support through a “Vow of Community Support,” after the couple made their own vows.  And, after the ceremony, each guest offered good wishing and blessings to the newly marriage couple.  Our work was included in a weekend article in the Guardian newspaper.

The New York City Clerk’s office will be announcing additional guidelines, next week, for couples who do not yet have their wedding license.